Companies committed to satisfying working environments,
in which people achieve corporate and personal goals together.

What do we do?

Because companies and people are all different, there is no "instant pudding" recipe for achieving durable, flexible and sustainable growth. Structures, resources, processes and strategies interact with each other, and with the prevailing corporate culture to enhance or limit performance.

We specialise in MEASUREMENT, DISCOVERY and DEVELOPMENT of SYSTEMS and CULTURE so as to identify what is needed to initiate and implement balanced and sustainable corporate improvement and personal growth.

  • Measurement - to measure WHAT is happening and HOW it is producing the current outcomes;
  • Discovery - to understand WHY outcomes are as they are, and to develop strategies for durable, yet flexible, sustainable growth; and
  • Development - to start and continue the journey towards 'constructive, innovative interaction'.

In short, transforming:
  • Business processes from Fragmented to "Plug and Play", and
  • Personal relationships and corporate culture from Defensive & Ineffective to Constructive & Innovative.


If you're serious about improvement, or just need to do some internal clarification, call us. Our first consultation is free.

If you are interested, we will offer a short term, fixed price pilot diagnosis and demonstration. This will involve some key people completing a short survey, analysis of the results, and explaining them to you. If you wish, we will assist you to prepare a plan on the basis of what has already been done, as the first step to overall improvement in performance.

If you wish to enagage the process on a wider basis, You can authorise the plan, or part of it. If not, then at least we'll be better acquainted so that we may assist you some other time.

Stage One.

Diagnosis includes working with the people in the company to build a clear view of how the business is working now.   We use simple but very effective methods to compile:
  • Functional Analysis,
  • Output Cost/Time Analysis,
  • Structural & Dynamic Constraints,
  • Function & Skill Matching Assessment, and
  • Measurement of Individual & Corporate Culture and its Implications.
At the end of Stage One, you will not only have a new perception of how your business operates, how well is is doing, and a sound basis for improvement decisions, but more importantly, a tool that you can use for continuing improvement and growth.

Stage Two.

We work together to balance the whole system for optimal performance and maximum satisfaction by:
  • Linking people and workgroups to corporate functional outputs,
  • Aligning necessary & sufficient resources,
  • Coaching system and process managers and team leaders,
  • Mentoring personal development, relationships and corporate culture,
  • Establishing 'SMART' planning & evaluation techniques and peformance indicators,
  • Implementing & nurturing "systemic dialogue" within information, communication & feedback systems,
At the end of Stage Two, your strategic vision is on track to becoming an operational reality.

At each step, you are in control.

Realignment is implemented by your team under the guidance of Tallowillow consultants. This keeps costs down and encourages ownership during the transformation.

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