Cultural Behaviour

Relationships and Behaviour

Personal styles of behaviour in relationships between the people of an organisation can be constructive and EFFECTIVE, or defensive and INEFFECTIVE in achieving corporate goals.

Tallowillow employs accredited ©HeartStyles™ consultants to help organisations to develop personal and corporate culture and leadership.

  • What problems are you trying to solve?
  • Does your culture release people to find solutions, or lock them up in their cubicles?
  • What do you notice about meetings and the culture generally? Would you like to measure it?
  • Do you have any primary initiatives? Are they working?

  • HeartStyles is a journey of developing strength of character from “the heart” through self-awareness so that true potential is released.

    The thoughts we have can characterise who we are and shape our lives. Collectively, our personal behavioural styles characterise the organisation we work in, and influence time management, productivity, staff turnover rates, ability to attract talented people, levels of personal stress, innovation and job satisfaction as well as customer satisfaction.

    HeartStyles is both a tool and a process that we can use as a foundation for a journey into to a more effective life in our families, communities and work environments.

    The Process

    The HeartStyles journey starts with an Indicator which assists people to examine the way they think in the situations they encounter and to discover why they behave in particular ways – both effective and ineffective. The “Indicator” gives us a window into, or awareness of our habits and patterns of behaviour and how effective they are in achieving what we are really looking for. This creates a simple, yet common language for more effective communication, and gives us real choices in changing the ways we think and our characteristic behaviour in achieving personal and corporate goals together.

    HeartStyles Indicators can also be used to define departmental or corporate culture through group results, assist individuals in their personal and leadership development, and in team development.

    The Outcome

    HeartStyles itself does not provide ‘answers’ or ‘solutions. The process is designed to be a catalyst for transformation through discovery, insight and on-going self awareness. People connect with heart-level transformation through experiential learning activities which generate insight and an on-going roadmap for development of personal character and leadership in organisational contexts.

    Please visit the HeartStyles website for additional information.

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