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"Your Organisation Is Perfectly Designed For The Results You Are Getting."

  • Is it ACTUALLY doing what it is supposed to?
  • How do you know?
  • What do you like most about it?
  • What would you like to change?
  • What if you do nothing?
  • Is training and development a Profit Centre or an Expense?
  • What is being done to prepare the next generation?

  • A well balanced organisation produces predictable results with very little variation. The 'system' is calibrated. The right 'stuff' is always available when it is needed. Not only that, but the system recognises its own deficiencies, sees improvement opportunities, and is self adjusting.
    People understand and value their roles, they have the tools, skills and resources to perform them and they respect and value each other. At all levels in the organisation, people have been released to interact and find innovative solutions to problems and issue as they arise. Almost as if they had practiced a lot. As if they played together often.
    There is a high level of confidence in a relaxed atmosphere. People enjoy their work; they operate efficiently and effectively and staff turnover is rare, but when new staff are needed, it is always easy to attract and retain talented people because the organisation has a reputation as a great place to work.
    You enjoy a high level of customer satisfaction, and your suppliers value their relationship with you.

    Does this sound like a fairy story? It is to people who think that importing the latest technology, implementing a new measurement system or going away for an injection of new culture will get them there. The 'Instant Pudding' mindset. Unfortunately, there is no short cut to continuous, sustainable improvement and becoming a high value organisation. But there is a reliable path.

    Looking for Solutions

    Although most of us would like to do things better, we are unable to do so for a variety of reasons. The reasons can be collected into two main areas.
    • We don’t have time, and/or
    • We are not sure how to go about it.
    Systems and Culture

    Business improvement initiatives often focus either on System Design, or Culture 'Rehabilitation'.
    Unfortunately, a poorly integrated system will frustrate the best of cultures, and an ineffective or defensive culture will 'hamstring' the best of systems. Both are important if an organisation is to embark on the journey of durable, flexible and continuous sustainable improvement in its level of Capability Maturity.

    Capability Maturity

    Capability Maturity is an expression of an organisation’s ability to deliver expected results consistently and reliably. It doesn't have to be measured by 'scar tissue'.

    It is a measure of the quality of the SYSTEMS being used, and the effectiveness of personal and corporate CULTURE.

    A good maturity model is not competitive, and with periodic assessment by the people engaged in the process, focuses on growth in “how well we do our work”.

    What do we need ?

    The goal of assessing system performance and cultural effectiveness is to enable your business to grow progressively towards higher levels of Capability Maturity. Assessments are essential in developing:
    • a systematic and holistic approach,
    • a constructive and effective culture which releases people to develop and evaluate improvements,
    Tallowillow can assist by facilitating, coaching and mentoring to provide a highly cost effective development path, incorporating your own unique understanding of your business, without high levels of intervention. The improvements will equip people in the organisation to plan, implement and evaluate their own improvement initiatives and to sustain the benefits that they achieve.

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